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How TSANet Works

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TSANet Enables You to Support Your Customers More Effectively

TSANet is the world’s largest cooperative support community with all the legal and procedural policies in place to engage with any other TSANet member. That means your end users get the best experience with your technical support team, your products and your services.

When a customer calls your team with an issue that requires support from another TSANet member, all the procedures are in place for that issue to be addressed professionally and efficiently.

Process for Using TSANet

  1. A member of your tech support team determines they need to engage with another member company.
  2. Your tech support team member uses the TSANet database to determine the support process for engaging that member company.
  3. TSANet member companies collaborate to isolate the problem and provide a solution.


Benefits of Joining the World’s Largest Multi Vendor Support Community

Your membership in TSANet can pay for itself with a single use because of the hours you’ll save providing multi vendor support. Your support staff can quickly connect with other member support teams to solve the customer’s issues.

  • Create satisfied customers by helping them solve their issues.
  • Better understand what issues require collaborative support and from what companies.
  • There’s no need to set up individual collaborative support agreements with multiple companies.
  • Use TSANet to set up your own support community with vendors and technology partners using Custom Groups
  • Membership with TSANet costs much less than the average expense of a collaborative support agreement.
  • Create and implement relationships in a short time frame. Our support portal streamlines collaboration specific to our members’ needs.
  • TSANet provides impartial assistance for conflict resolution between members.

Membership Options