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About Us

About Us

Computer Environments Are Complex. So Are Support Issues.

For your customers, the responsibility of managing networks, computer environments and technology is a hard job. Sometimes it's not apparent what's causing an issue. It could be your technology, another company's technology or even an interaction between multiple technologies. These complex issues can be tough for your tech support team to solve on their own. 

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Without Collaborative Support Agreements, Customers Can End Up on Their Own

A bad technical support experience can be costly, especially when dealing with a customer that has paid for a support contract. Without a collaborative support relationship, your technical support team could end up telling a customer they are on their own. Collaborative support relationships let your support team avoid this by allowing them to collaborate with other members to resolve your customer’s issue.

For many companies, the only way to address complex multi vendor issues is to create individual collaborative support agreements with other companies. But creating individual collaborative support agreements with multiple companies is expensive and time consuming.


Multi Vendor Support Is Indispensable for Businesses with Partner Programs

If another company is selling your technology or bundling it with their own, you still want those customers to have a good experience and become repeat buyers. The ability to establish technical support relationships for your partners gives them the ability to keep those customers happy so they become repeat customers. Partner programs are expensive to launch. Setting up a support relationship with your partners through the use of custom groups protects your investment.


Give Enterprise Customers the Confidence to Add Your Technology to Their IT Ecosystem

The presence of multi vendor support agreements can be a key selling point for businesses looking to add their hardware or software to existing IT environments because it lets customers know that they won't experience problems with interoperability and support down the road.


Why TSANet Was Created

Creating multi vendor support relationships on your own can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Both companies have to agree on policies for contacting each other's support teams. As if that weren't hard enough, lawyers from both companies will likely want to review and approve any agreement you make. Then, if staff turns over or procedures change, the whole thing falls apart.

That's why some of the world's largest technology companies, including HP, IBM and Oracle, recognized the need for a vendor neutral, not-for-profit organization that eliminated the need for individual collaborative support agreements. As a TSANet member, policies, procedures and infrastructure are already in place to provide multi vendor support with other TSANet members. That means more effective technical support and happier customers.

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