All Members now on TSANet Connect. Legacy Member Web Retired

Many of you are aware, TSANet has transitioned to its new TSANet Connect collaboration platform. For many years, members collaborated based on a static document of instructions. Where this allowed for collaboration between members, it lacked the ability to have a tie-in into member’s CRM system and for some kind of validated metrics giving members an idea of volume and TSANet the ability to act should members not be reacting to a support request.

We have now reached the milestone where all Members have migrated to TSANet Connect and we will retire the legacy Member Web.


TSANet Connect Benefits

We think our technology committee found the sweet spot in providing members a known method of placing and receiving a support request without jeopardizing internal support processes, breaching any customer confidentiality but also providing the tie-in into metrics with their partners.   The Benefits of TSANet include:

  1. A simplified and consistent interface for support engineers
  2. A way to monitor the collaboration request and take necessary actions if something goes wrong
  3. An improved way to onboard your Partners into private groups


Usage as a focus in 2020

As we enter 2020, most members are now on the new platform and where there have been a few challenges, the TSANet Connect system has been widely adopted among members.  Below are the plans to increase usage of TSANet Connect

  1. Work with Members who have not migrated to the new TSANet Connect process for inbound requests
  2. Work with Members to improve awareness and visibility to the TSANet Connect process
  3. Focus on user success. Tracking and resolving any issue that prevents a successful collaboration request.


Over the past few years, the organization has been successful in having many partners strategically position TSANet. With TSANet Connect, we hope to see and even larger adoption of the platform and increase in membership.