ASP Best Support Websites of 2020 

The Association of Support Professionals held an online conference Oct 6, 7 and 8th that looked at the benefits of aligning Customer Success and Support activities.   During these three days, experts talked about how Customer Success and Support can work together for both the Customer and the Company.   This blog highlights several sessions where companies shared how they improved their online support.

Sessions Summary

NetApp won the Overall Best Support Website in this year’s ASP Best Support Websites competition, our 22nd year. This is NetApp’s third year in a row as a winner. Although there were many other award-winning sites, they had the best site of all. What challenges did they face in their journey? Laura will share their journey and some tips from the top.

Laura Cunningham, Product Manager, NetApp Support Site, NetApp

Republic Wireless has taken an unconventional approach to support for their members in the sense they don’t have a traditional 1-800 number or call center, yet they are able to consistently receive high customer satisfaction scores and measures of customer success in an industry where that is the exception instead of the norm. Ben will explain the reasons and complexities behind their strategy, how they’ve kept customer success as a focal point throughout their decision making and business adjustments, as well as how they define this success.

Ben Garris, Manager of Online Support & Customer Experience at Republic Wireless

PowerSchool entered our competition for the first time this year. To our surprise they scored in our top five and also received a Best Achievement award (tied with Republic Wireless). How did this upstart medium-sized company outscore many large companies and wind up in elite company with Ivanti, NetApp, Nutanix and Republic Wireless? Jbid will tell us some of their secrets to achieve such stellar performance

Jbid Kissel, Sr. Manager, PowerSchool Community, PowerSchool

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