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Customer Success + Support A Powerful Partnership

Customer Success + Support: A Natural Partnership

Customer Success + Support: A Natural Partnership In the software as a subscription era, staying in close touch with your customers and thoroughly understanding their needs isn’t an option. It’s a bedrock requirement if you want to stay in business over the long term. What information do you need to have in order to maintain a healthy connection? Who will gather it, and who will do the ongoing analysis that will enable your company to succeed?

Mikael Blaisdell, Founder & Executive Director, The Customer Success Association, Publisher of Customer Success Central. 

Navigating the Customer Journey With Support & Customer Success

How Red Hat evolved our proactive & reactive teams to drive better customer experience.   A balanced approach across region and technology-focused dispersed teams.

Paul and Scott share how Red Hat organized their teams around a common vision (Customer Success, Product Success, and Associate Success)

Paul Lyons, VP of Customer Experience & Engagement, Red Hat
Scott Froehlich, Sr. Director of Customer Experience & Engagement, Red Hat

Roles, Responsibilities & Metrics to align Support and Customer Success

Francoise talks about eight ideas to help your Support and Customer Sucess teams work together:

Strategic:  Define Customer Journey, Align metrics, Create deliverables by segment, bring the teams together

Tactical:  Set communication lines,  Add Customer information to CRM, Cross-Pollinate, Use scorecards to provide feedback to customers

Françoise Tourniaire, Founder FT Works, Co-Founder, ChurnSquad, Author of The Art of Support.

Customer Self-Service – Helping Customers Succeed

Customer Success + Support are rolled together when we are able to help our customers help themselves.  We will examine some of the keys to customer self-service as well as the pitfalls, and discuss how customer self-service can be one of the most important aspects of customer success.

Topics include the targeted use of chatbots and automation workflows to drive a high level of success with specific self-service tasks.

Dave Muirhead, Sr. Director of Customer Support Services at Oracle

TSANet Panel: Simplify your Technology Partner Support Management process

Listen to top support executives as they discuss how they manage Technology partnership programs to pass customers from one vendor to another smoothly utilizing the benefits of the TSANet infrastructure.

Establishing a support collaboration path with partners results in greater customer success, satisfaction, and overall better experience.

Dennis Smeltzer, Moderator; John Boggs, NetApp; Sri Krishnaswamy, Nutanix; Ted Williams, Red Hat; Rene Karel, VMware.

After Customer Success; Digital Transformation

Enterprises are still largely siloed in their approach to dealing with prospects and customers. Today, most have built a self-service experience for their customers that is focused on logging support cases and searching the knowledgebase, but in 2020, is this enough?  We continue to move towards personalization; the ability to personalize each interaction an individual has with your company, at every step of their journey is becoming more and more important.

Jennifer Macintosh, VP, Customer Experience, MindBridge

Customer Success + Support in the Indirect Channel: It’s Complicated

Managing the boundaries between Support and Customer Success can be challenging in a single organization let alone more than 400 third-party organizations. Companies working to engage customers and ensure their success through a reseller channel need to build strong foundations that can adapt to work with varied and often imperfect data to make key decisions. Join us to learn how Dassault Systemes SolidWorks has evolved their process of identifying customers potentially at risk and targeting the right resources at the right time to address issues that put recurring revenue at risk.

Ian Baxter, VP Worldwide Technical Services, SOLIDWORKS
Frank Aloia III, Director SOLIDWORKS Customer Success & Enterprise Services

Rethinking Support & Customer Success

Republic Wireless has taken an unconventional approach to support for their members in the sense they don’t have a traditional 1-800 number or call center, yet they are able to consistently receive high customer satisfaction scores and measures of customer success in an industry where that is the exception instead of the norm. Ben will explain the reasons and complexities behind their strategy, how they’ve kept customer success as a focal point throughout their decision making and business adjustments, as well as how they define this success.

Ben Garris, Manager of Online Support & Customer Experience at Republic Wireless

ASP’s 2020 Overall Best Support Website Winner, NetApp

NetApp won the Overall Best Support Website in this year’s ASP Best Support Websites competition, our 22nd year. This is NetApp’s third year in a row as a winner. Although there were many other award-winning sites, they had the best site of all. How did they get there, Laura will share their journey and some tips from the top.

For more information on the ASP Best Web Support Sites visit

Laura Cunningham, Product Manager, NetApp Support Site, NetApp

Knowledge-Centered Service a Key Enabler For A Great Self-Service Experience

A great self-service experience is a key contributor to your customer’s with your product or service. Arnfinn Austefjord, Global Head of the KCS Academy, discusses knowledge best practices to maximize your customer’s success with your self-service site.

KCS is a simple idea: integrate the creation and maintenance of knowledge into the process of interaction. KCS produces profound benefits by improving operational efficiency and organizational learning.   Learn more at

Arnfinn Austefjord, Global Head of the KCS AcademyCenter for Services Innovation

The Convergence of Support and Success – Research & Industry Practices

Support and Success teams must find ways to cooperate and collaborate to provide the customer experiences necessary to retain and expand customer relationships. For some companies Support and Success roles and functions will remain distinct, for others, convergence is inevitable. This presentation will explore the leading trends and practices from across the technology services industry to describe how companies are forging powerful relationships between Support and Success functions and blending teams to create new types of service offerings. This presentation will examine the industry examples and practices for defining key staff roles, organizational structures, metrics, programs and policies.

Tom Sweeny, CEO & Founder, ServiceXRG

New Company Wins Award for Best Achievement in ASP’s 2020 Best Support Website Competition

PowerSchool entered our competition for the first time this year. To our surprise they scored our top five and also received a Best Achievement award (tied with Republic Wireless). How did this upstart medium-sized company outscore many large companies and wind up in elite company with Ivanti, NetApp, Nutanix and Republic Wireless? Jbid will tell us some of their secrets to achieve such stellar performance

Jbid Kissel, Sr. Manager, PowerSchool Community, PowerSchool

Customer Support and Success in the 20’s: Your Company’s New Growth Engine!

Customer Support and Success organizations were created to address two ostensibly separate issues – to resolve customer problems and to prevent churn. Both disciplines have grown considerably over the years with new and evolving goals, processes, technologies, and skill requirements. However, they have remained by and large as separate functions and as such perhaps yet to deliver to their full potentials. Omid will present how Customer Support and Success can work together to find smarter ways, using AI and automation, to proactively manage customer issues and drive customer value and revenue growth.

Omid Razavi, Ph.D. VP, Customer Success, and Services at SupportLogic

Support Logic Overview and Product Demo

Learn about the Support Logic Next-Generation Intelligent Support™ Platform

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing systems
  • Reads every ticket and automatically extracts signals using AI/NLP
  • Maintains context across conversational and ticket boundaries
  • Predicts outcome and provides proactive recommendations with intelligent workflows

Learn more at

Krishna Raj Raja – Founder and CEO – Support Logic

Service Strategies Services overview

Service Strategies provides consulting, training, certification, and standards programs that help the world’s leading companies deliver consistent, high-quality service, and support.

Greg provides an overview of the service strategies approach to Customer Success and Support.

Learn More at

Greg Coleman – Vice President, Strategic Programs