TSANetYour Technology is Connected. Are you?

There are not many opportunities where the support industry can come together to talk strategy, commiserate on their successes and failures, or simply discuss what support looks like in the future. TSIA’s TSW show happens to be one of them. The Las Vegas show, held in October, highlights an industry in transition. The traditional support models simply don’t work with customers who have different demands and needs. The industry is grappling with and trying to understand what is support’s role in the new models being developed. These are among the many topics discussed for three days with top leaders, innovators and exhibitors. Where you can sometimes leave industry conferences with more questions than answers, it is likely events like TSW will lead you to those answers.

For TSANet, entering its 24th year serving the industry, it’s our opportunity to learn not just from industry experts but from our most valuable resource… our members. Thanks to all of you who stopped by the TSANet booth. Our goal is to provide our membership the most valuable tool for collaboration in the industry. With your help and input, we continue providing you the ability to work with other members to provide the best support possible to your customers.