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Hewlett Packard Enterprise hosted the TSANet Strategy Day on Oct 4, 2016 in the Bay Area.  The strategy day provided members an opportunity to discuss the current state of TSANet and define the long term strategy.



Building on TSANet Strengths

4 teams worked together to create a current state analysis of TSANet that highlighted the following strengths:

  • Member driven with active Board of Directors
  • Industry organization – Not for Profit, Vendor Neutral
  • No need to create Cooperative Support Agreements
  • Flexibility (contact documents, custom groups…)
  • History and Experience (20+ years)
  • Flexible and Efficient operations
  • Member Base (Top Companies, growing with over 500 members)
  • New features (New Member Web, Case Exchange)

Solution Support is the Future

After defining the current state, the teams worked to identify the future vision for TSANet.  The current trend in the industry of providing “Solutions” to customers was the main discussion point.   The feedback from members was that TSANet was in a unique position to provide value in this area.  As a vendor neutral organization, TSANet can provide the legal and operational framework for vendors to leverage when creating, implementing and supporting solutions.

Next Steps

The next step in creating the strategy will be to put together the high level vision and the first phase plans for 2017.   This will then be approved by the Board of Directors and communicated to Members during the Annual Member Meeting Webinar on Dec 14th.

2017 Startegy Day - Save the Dates

For 2017 we will have 3 Strategy Day sessions.  Members are invited to attend these sessions.  Contact Paul Esch @ paul@tsanet.org if you would liek to attend

Spring Strategy Day:  Feb 28th @ Red Hat 100 East Davie Street, Raleigh, NC 27601

Summer Strategy Day:  May 23rd @ Actian in Austin, TX

Fall Strategy Day: Oct 3rd @ Cisco in San Jose, CA