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TSANet offers members the opportunity to showcase their company’s customer support organization. The latest company in the "Member Spotlight" series is Jabra GN Netcom

TSANet interviewed Dan Geddes, Technical Support Manager, and Ritesh Tandon, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances at Jabra.



About Jabra

Jabra GN Netcom, founded in 1869, is a leading manufacturer of headsets and speakerphones. They offer a wide range of corded and wireless headsets for both personal and professional use. Personal use includes listening to music, working out, in-car speaker phones, conversations on the go and computer and Skype. Professional use includes contact centers, offices, mobile workplace and internet calls. Jabra speakerphones enable hands-free calls both in the car and in the office; you can also use the speakerphone to stream audio content from Bluetooth-enabled devices. Click here for more information on Jabra’s products.

Jabra also offers a wide range of software, including Jabra Xpress, Jabra Direct and Jabra Suite for Mac. Jabra express is a web based software tool that allows mass deployment of software, firmware and updating of products remotely. Jabra Direct, desktop software, lets you personalize, update and manage your Jabra headset from your computer. Jabra Suite for Mac is free Mac software that lets you easily update firmware, upgrade your headsets and manage Bluetooth connections. Click here for more information on Jabra’s software.

Jabra has a main support center located in Boston and additional support centers located in China and Europe. Jabra has multi-language representatives, and they also rely on an on call translation service that handles 95% of the spoken languages in the world.


Jabra Service Offerings and Support

Jabra offers a wide variety of services which include Jabra 360 Services and Jabra Advantage On Demand. Jabra 360 Services include advice consulting, pre-install support, knowledge transfer and training, customized documentation, test and go live support. Jabra Advantage On Demand is a subscription service that lets you get the contact center headsets you need today and then pay as you go. In addition to the services, all of Jabra’s customer get lifetime technical support for their products. Click here for more information on Jabra’s software. Their company also provides 1 to 3 year warranty to the first end-user purchasing the product from a distributor or reseller (“GN Partner”) for professional products. They provide a 1 year warranty for consumer products. Click here for more information on Jabra’s Warranty.

Their support team is made up of technical support representatives, technical consultants and service engineers. The technical support representatives and consultants respond to customer phone calls, emails, click to chats and web forms. The technical consultants are the individuals who deliver the services, but they also go out in the field. They then bring real life knowledge gathered from interacting with customers, and share it with the support team and in- training. If the technical support representative or consultants are unable to solve the problem, it then escalates to the service engineer. The service engineer’s role is to confirm everything the support team has found, do more testing if required and then escalate to product management team if necessary. On average Jabra has 9200 interacts per month. Jabra customers have an automated replacement portal where customers can go in and register and generate their own RMAs. There are also FAQ’s and troubleshooting steps, How-to-Videos and compatibility guides.


Jabra Training

The Jabra training program is 3 months. With many products they want to ensure they are familiar with the products before an engineer is on the phone with a customer and partners. Training is staged into three parts, which include actual training, desk time so they are continually using the products and ride along with other support representatives so they can listen to calls and ask questions real time.


Multi Vendor Support

Jabra has been a dedicated member of TSANet for 8 years. Prior to joining TSANet, Jabra would try the other vendor or request the customer to pull them in to resolve multi vendor issues. After joining TSANet, they are now able to work with the technology vendor on behalf of the customer. TSANet provides Jabra support team with a more consistent method to work with other vendors. According to Dan, one benefit of TSANet is it’s a good tool to pull in other technology customers to solve a customer’s issue. These tend to be very complex issues that require a high level of collaboration.

In the support model, TSANet comes into play when a case is escalated to the service engineer.


Jabra Best Practices

Jabra has a high focus on feedback from customers and partners through surveys. In 2015 out of 802 responders 92% of the customers were very satisfied, and they had 86% one call resolution. 41% of responders said Jabra technical support was the best in comparison with other technical support groups they have used or currently use and 57% said Jabra technical support was better than most. 77% of responders said they were highly likely to purchase Jabra products again.

Jabra has placed a high focus on working with customers in deploying high number of wireless products for high density locations; they are also working on improving their compatibility guide for the knowledge base and growing their services. They have also deployed a new phone system for their call centers.

Jabra owns about 35-40% of the worldwide headset market. They also have high employee satisfaction and average time at Jabra is over 7 years.  Jabra grows organically and the support team has very close relationships with key groups such as sales and partners.  Sales and partners who are directly working with customers get priority service from the support teams and this strengthens the relationship with these important groups.


We would like to thank Dan, Ritesh and Jabra for their support and participation as a Basic Member of TSANet since 2007!

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