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At the core of TSANet value, is the ability for members to engage and collaborate with other members. The exact method(s) for this collaboration can vary from member to member and are defined in the TSANet Contact Document.  At TSANet, we strive not to dictate to members “how” that collaboration occurs. However, there are some common best practices that we’ve found over the years that make the collaboration experience as effective and productive as possible.




A streamlined Peer-to-Peer process

Foremost in the contact process is to streamline the entire experience. For example, how would you want this collaboration to occur if you were on the calling end of the equation?



TSANet calls are placed by experienced technicians and connecting to the right level within your support center can go a long way to improving the overall experience. Remember, even though another member is calling, it’s also “your” customer.

Use your customer facing process to route to first level support.  Example email support@mycompany.com

Use multiple methods for collaboration

Have a single company method

Have contact methods that work for all countries

Provide only an 800 number


Escalation process and contact

Make sure you provide an escalation process that directs a member to someone or a group that understands TSANet.  The escalation procedure is located at the bottom of the contact document and is only to be used if the general contact process you provided fails.


Test and Update

Finally, test and update your process. Too many times, members post a process and don’t test to see if it actually works. Are the phone numbers up-to-date? If you provide links within your document, do they still work?

Look at your document from other members’ perspective. Many times you can learn a lot by testing the process yourself. Should you need any assistance in editing, formatting or changing your contact document, please contact membership@tsanet.org. We’d be happy to assist.     


Watch the How To Video for editing your contact document