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TSANet would like to thank those who participated in the 2016 Member Survey! The 2016 TSANet Member Survey was another opportunity for members to tell us about their satisfaction with existing TSANet services. Their feedback will provide input that will set the priority for future offerings. Here are some highlights from the survey and actions for 2016. 


Highlights from Survey

Below are some of the highlights from the 2016 survey.

  • Net Promoter score increased from 2015
  • Webinars and Member Help had the highest satisfaction levels
  • Majority of members use the TSANet website to train team members
  • When working with other members, the most important thing is to provide an easy way to start a collaboration
  • SAP, Google and Broadcom were some of the companies that members wanted to join TSANet
  • The process for searching and viewing contact documents in the Member Web had the highest level of satisfaction
  • Case Exchange has a high interest level with only 26% saying they would not implement this feature
  • 60% of members either plan to or have already implemented a Custom Group for their Technology Partners


Actions for 2016

Below are the actions we plan to take as a result of the survey.

  • Look at methods to improve response rate in 2017
  • Continue to share information and best practices about member usage
  • Continue to improve the Member Web based on member’s feedback
  • Continue to do a Webinar each month
  • Reach out to Members who have an interest in Case Exchange
  • Reach out to Members who have an interest in creating a Custom Group


If you have any questions about the survey or would like to provide additional feedback, please contact Paul Esch paul@tsanet.org