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Tech support executives are in the midst of a major evolution to their business model. They're charged with implementing innovative objectives that have never been done before in order to better serve their customers. Technology that helps support organizations improve customer communication and provide more timely and reliable support will be a key differentiator moving forward.

Support executives from major IT companies and members of the EMEA focus group will discuss and share best practices on escalation management and the use of new technologies in tech support.


To this end, TSANet will be hosting an exclusive WORKSHOP that will take place from November 21 through 22, 2017 at the hosting company NetApp in Shiphol-Rijk near Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This hands-on workshop will demonstrate:

  • Best practices of escalation management
  • Tech Support at the edge of the datacenter
  • TSANet as a valuable platform for solution support
  • Leverage of new technologies at Fujitsu support
  • Automated language translation for online training

To register for this extraordinary event, contact Rainer Zielonka, Chairman of the EMEA Focus group at: rainer@tsanet.org

Participation is possible by invitation only. Register now, seats are limited!

We looking forward to seeing you at the event and presenting the latest state-of-the art developments and trends.