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TSANet hosted a workshop from April 26-27, 2017 at the Fujitsu facility in Munich, Germany. This was the fifth workshop TSANet held in Europe around relevant topics of “Sharing experiences with the implementation of Solution Support”. This interactive seminar, facilitated by Rainer Zielonka (TSANet), discussed with members of the EMEA Technical Support Focus Group and support leaders from major European technology companies the need for excellent customer journey, appropriate communication, convenience and customer outcomes. The participants shared key strategies, the use of new technologies as IoT, AI, AR, ML which are playing a key role in improving supplier`s agility and responsiveness and the requirement of a comprehensive approach on solution level to solve issues of higher complexity.

The necessary steps to make the client experience better were identified: faster resolution to questions and issues, proactive and pre-emptive support, collaboration on solution level and the focus on personalization, client engagement and data security.

 The following topics were covered:

  • Solution Support at Fujitsu and NetApp
  • New Working Concepts at Red Hat
  • Thoughts on Performance Measurement in Solution Support 
  • Security Challenges in a Digital World
  • IBMs Journey with Cognitive Support
  • TSANet Strategy update


Testimonial from participant:

Alex Marburg, Manager Delivery Support Operations EMEA, HPE

Dear Rainer, in retrospective of the recent workshop at Fujitsu in Munich I would not want to miss the opportunity to share my excitement. The topics and related presentations where all very relevant in today’s Tech Support context and the deeper insights, especially by Dieter Muenk of IBM and Fujitsu’s Uwe Romppel and his team where enlightening, as where the numerous conversation during the discussions and in between. Also a big thank you to the hosting team at Fujitsu that took fantastic care of organization and logistics. All in all it has been once again a truly inspiring and value-adding experience!”

The next workshop is planned for Fall 2017 which will focus on interactive work sessions around topics of new tech support delivery models, update on TSANet`s best practice solution support framework, people management in a digital world, cyber and data security and future infrastructure requirements. If you are interested in participating, please contact the chairman of the EMEA tech support focus group Rainer Zielonka at rainer@tsanet.org