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TSANet offers members the opportunity to showcase their company’s customer support organization. The latest company in the "Member Spotlight" series is DataGravity.





TSANet interviewed David Siles, Chief Technology Officer at DataGravity.

About DataGravity

DataGravity, founded in 2012, is a data security and protection company. Their flagship product is the DataGravity for Virtualizaiton (DGfV), which is a turnkey software product that provides data security, insight and protection in virtual machine environments. DataGravity for Virtualization was initially a turnkey storage hardware with analytics, but they listened to their customer base and refactored the DGfV into a software analytic product. DGfV comes in two editions. The Essentials Edition identifies and protects sensitive data from careless exposure, data loss, and regulatory noncompliance, and it provides file and user activity tracking. The Standard Edition extends the DataGravity feature set to include threat detection, forensic analysis, and behavior based data protection and recovery. Below is a picture of how DataGravity for Virtualization works.

DataGravity is sold through the channel, but they also have the capability to sell direct with their software product. Their company is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire.


DataGravity Support

The DataGravity subscription model includes 24/7 365 world class support and service. Customers can send service requests through the internal customer portal, by phone, or by email. The customer portal is the fastest way for customers to engage support, and it includes a knowledge base and FAQs. In addition, the subscription has an intelligent phone home capability. According to David, a lot of the issues are proactively resolved, and nine times out of ten the support engineers reach out and inform the customers of what is happening in their environment before the customers are aware.

Their support organization is tiered with three levels. Level one and two are mixed, and level three is made up of team leads for the engineering of a product. DataGravity’s support organization is staffed with engineers who have been with the organization since the beginning, so they had the opportunity to learn the product as they developed it. Some of the ways they engage the customers is through TSANet, their partner relationships or if the customer has already opened a mutual ticket on their side they will work the customer issue even if it’s not a DataGravity issue. They track the issue until the customer is satisfied that the issue has been resolved.


Multi Vendor Support

DataGravity’s environment is heavily integrated with the storage and virtualization ecosystem. More than 50% of their cases require engagement with the other vendor’s support organization to resolve a customer issue. Before joining TSANet, when a multi vendor case occurred they had to depend on the customer to have the path of communication with the other vendor and be the switchboard between them and the vendor. After joining TSANet, they now have the ability to contact the ecosystem partner directly and work vendor to vendor to support customers.

According to David, TSANet removes the finger pointing and provides an agreed framework for vendors to work together to collaborate and resolve customer issues. Their Premium Membership has benefited their support organization because it gives them an established framework of being able to give a better, faster response to customer’s issues in their time of need.  


DataGravity Best Practices

The golden rule at DataGravity is happy customers. Happy customers drive the organization because they continue to buy additional products, maintain their subscriptions, give feedback on product enhancements, and increase revenue. Customers constantly rate their support organization as the reason why they continue to work with DataGravity. Their concierge support model and team approach is one thing that sets them apart from other support organizations. Their concierge support model lets the customer know who their support engineer is from a perspective of name and number. The customer doesn’t have to come through a switchboard and then wait to find out which engineer will be working their issue that day.

Another highlight of the DataGravity support organization is their support and engineering teams are collocated, giving them the ability to engage customer issues immediately. Both teams are tightly integrated with the product development process that enhances the product feedback from customers and resolution time.  Their support organization has been with them since day one, and they do not have a high turnover rate.

DataGravity support team is currently refactoring their phone home product, which is how they do the proactive support. They are bringing in some additional functionality into the product that the support team owns.

Their company has won many awards including, Garner Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies 2015, 2016 CRN Big Data Award Winner, CRN Emerging Vendor Award Winner, and 2015 CRN Big Data Award Winner. In addition, everyone in the support organization is VMware and Microsoft certified.


We would like to thank David and DataGravity for their support and participation as a Premium Member of TSANet.

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