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TSANet recently put in place an Australia focus group consisting of senior technical support managers from some of the top technology companies in Australia.   Sponsored by Nutanix, the focus group will provide a way for TSANet members in Australia to work together on various topics.  




A proven model

The EMEA focus group was created in 2013 and has been very successful in brining regional focus to TSANet.  Members have provided positive feedback on the ability to network with other companies in the region and discuss topics that are important to them.  In addition to improving multi vendor support collaborations, the members have also shared best practices in many other areas.


Next steps

The Australia focus group will meet for the first time on August 2nd.   Nutanix will be hosting the meeting at their Sydney location.   This first meeting will include initial sharing of operations in APAC region and Australia as well as discussion on challenges they would like to work on together.    Contact Paul Esch @ paul@tsanet.org if you have teams in Australia that would benefit from this group.