TSANetYour Technology is Connected. Are you?


Over the past 24 years, TSANet has grown to be the industry gold standard for Multi Vendor support.   Promoting your TSANet membership to Partners and customers shows your commitment to solving problems in a multi vendor environment.   Below are some ways to promote TSANet to your Partners and Customers.



Involve your Support Marketing team

Members should work with their services marketing teams to look at ways to message their TSANet membership.  Below are some best practice examples:

Actian added TSANet to their website

Actian and Dealing with Multi-Vendor Support

Actian is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to its customers. Where other products may be involved in an Actian solution, Actian support utilizes the industry organization of Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet) to collaborate with other partners. TSANet is a Not-For-Profit worldwide alliance with over 500 members dedicated to working together to solve mutual customer, multi-vendor issues.

Actian participates at the highest membership level of Global Premium and has been a member since 2009. Actian is very active in the organization and continues to participate in multiple levels of leadership to drive the organization to better providing a better multi-vendor experience for customers. Actian is an elected member of the Board of Directors and has served both in Board and Officer positions.

Red Hat created a slide set that explains TSANet to Partners and Key Accounts

Read the Blog on how Red Hat communicates to Partners and Key Account


Read how Maxta Delivers "Appliance-Like" Support using TSANet


Share the TSANet Brochures

Members should also share the Main TSANet Brochures to Partners and Customers.   The Brochures can be found in the Resource Library


Make TSANet part of your Partner Programs

Members can use TSANet to support their Technology and Channel Support Partner Programs.  TSANet will work with the member to create co-brand marketing materials and registration pages.   Below are some Custom Group Spotlights, where members showcased their custom group(s).

See how NetApp uses Custom Groups

See how VMware uses Custom Groups

See how Dell EMC uses Custom Groups