COVID-19 Response from TSANet

We’ve all seen our world change over the last few weeks. Covid-19 has changed many things including the way we are supporting our customers. Compared to many industries, High Tech had a jump on working remote and integrating technology into the workplace. However, the effect of social distancing and remote working didn’t work for every aspect of support and now companies are being forced to find solutions. Examples of these problems include working escalations, multi vendor problems, training on new products and a host of issues that were previously being addressed in the workspace.

No one solution is the answer but TSANet can certainly help. The TSANet Connect collaboration tool is gaining momentum as the platform to submit and acknowledge incidents between partners. And as a web-based solution to submit a case, can be done from anywhere.

Also, TSANet’s focus groups world-wide plan to meet online to provide members a venue to share ideas, successes and failures.  If you would like to join a focus group please contact Below are the upcoming focus group meetings: