Customer Self-Service – Helping Customers Succeed

The Association of Support Professionals held an online conference Oct 6-8, 2020 that looked at the benefits of aligning Customer Success and Support activities.   During these three days, experts talked about how Customer Success and Support can work together for both the Customer and the Company.   This blog highlights the session where Dave Muirhead shares how Oracle uses their self help services to drive customer success.

Session Summary

Customer Success + Support are rolled together when we are able to help our customers help themselves.  We will examine some of the keys to customer self-service as well as the pitfalls and discuss how customer self-service can be one of the most important aspects of customer success.

Topics include the targeted use of chatbots and automation workflows to drive a high level of success with specific self-service tasks.

Session Speaker

Dave Muirhead, Sr. Director of Customer Support Services at Oracle

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