Data Protection Act


In accordance with the EU Data Protection Act of 2018, and many other similar requirements throughout the world, we are required to inform you that TSANet will collect and store personal information necessary to fulfill the stated objective of the organization within the agreed to TSANet Member Code of Conduct.

TSANet will take all precautionary measures to ensure your information is only used within the scope of TSANet services and organizational objectives. TSANet’s policy does not allow information gathered to be used by the organization or its members except for the stated objectives of TSANet.

Individuals should contact for any data protection issues included but not limited to:

  • Suspicious use of personal data outside TSANet’s scope
  • Reason to believe TSANet’s data has been compromised
  • To obtain a copy of what personal data TSANet has of an individual
  • Request any personal data to be destroyed

Additional information about data collection and privacy can be obtained from TSANet at:

TSANet, Inc.

9401 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 180

Overland Park, Kansas USA 66210