Digital Customer Experiences (dCX)

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Many customer touchpoints with your company are conducted digitally through web self-service and automated tools. It is imperative to consider how customer experiences are impacted by services delivered through digital channels.  This article introduces how to define and measure Digital Customer Experiences (dCX).

Digital Customer Experiences (dCX)

The Digital Customer Experience (dCX) is the measure of the impact web and app-based tools, content, and automation has on shaping customer experiences.

Digital Interactions

Digital interactions may be facilitated by tools, content and automation provided to customers through web sites, mobile apps, in-product resources, and other digital means.  Digital interactions are entirely unassisted by Sales, Success or Services teams.

Digital Experience

The digital experience is a customers’ perception of the benefit and level of effort expended on a digital interaction.

Measuring the Digital Experience

Capturing customer feedback and/or sentiments about a digital interaction is important.  At the end of each digital transaction ask customers to provide feedback.  Customer feedback may be as simple as capturing positive or negative sentiment, collecting a numeric rating about the experience, or asking for comments.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Using Your Digital Experience Rating (dCX)

Capture digital customer experience ratings for each type of digital interaction and automation you provide.

  • Monitor the ratings to determine if the sentiment and/or ratings are positive.
  • Track trends in digital experiences, are they rising or falling?
  • Explore how digital interactions compare to comparable human-assisted interactions. Are they the same, better or less effective?
  • What percent of customers have digital-only interactions (vs. human-assisted) with your company?
  • Examine customer retention, renewal, repeat purchase and growth rates by types of interactions (digital only vs. human assisted).
  • Do customers that experience human interactions outperform customers that have primarily digital-only relationships with your company in terms of length of relationship, retention and growth of relationship value?


Digital customer experiences will continue to account for an increasing portion of all interactions with your customers.  Monitoring the impact and implications of digital customer interactions and experience is essential to sustaining and growing customer relationships.

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