Member Privileges

Influence the TSANet Strategy

Join a Committee

Standard, Premium and Elite Members can serve on TSANet Committees. Examples of Committees include the Security Committee and the TSANet Connect 2.0 Committee. Contact Paul Esch if you would like to learn more about joining a committee.

Vote for Board of Directors

TSANet holds annual elections for the Board of Directors. Per our bylaws, Standard, Premium and Elite Members vote on Board members who are elected for three-year terms. Only Elite Members are eligible to run for a Board seat. The TSANet Board is responsible for running the business of TSANet. Board powers and qualifications are described in the TSANet Bylaws.

Annual Member Meeting

The TSANet Annual Member meeting is held to give members an update on member business and an opportunity to gain strategic insight into the organization’s direction and vision. As a Not-For-Profit, member-driven organization, the TSANet staff and Board of Directors value feedback from our members.