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Custom Groups

TSANet Custom Groups

Why Create Custom Groups?

Custom groups are ideal for businesses with partner programs and businesses that share a specific customer group. For instance, companies that develop software or hardware that is part of a common technology solution could create a custom group to collaborate on customer issues and ensure product interoperability.

Create Your Own Custom Group

One of the Biggest Benefits of TSANet Membership

TSANet members have the ability to create their own custom support relationships. Creating a collaborative support agreement with every partner is a daunting and time-consuming task. As a TSANet member, the legal policies, procedures and support portals are already in place. Simply create a custom group, and have your partners join. You dictate the terms of the relationship and the access that your partners have to your tech support team. Anytime you need to add a new partner, they simply join the group. It really is that easy.


Benefits of Creating Your Own Custom Groups

  • It's free. Any Basic or Premium member can set up a custom group at no cost. (Non-TSANet members that join your group will need to pay a membership fee.)
  • Ensures that customers you share with vendors, channel partners or technology partners have a great experience with your technology.
  • No need to set up collaborative support agreements with multiple partners.
  • Provides a forum for support and collaboration on new technologies developed jointly with other companies.
  • Your custom groups and members can be kept confidential.


Types of Custom Groups Members Can Create

1. Limited Groups

Limited groups are designed to allow a host member to cost-effectively form custom support relationships with many partners. This is an ideal option if you want to provide your partners with a low-cost solution for support, and you are willing to handle all group administration.

  • Limited members join your group through a portal hosted by your company.
  • You are responsible for handling all onboarding and training.  
  • Limited members can be part of more than one group, but they pay $500 annually for each custom group they join.

 Download the Custom Group Brochure

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