New Member Help

New to TSANet?

Get your team setup and learn the administration features of the Member Web.

We have provided How-To videos to assist you with the onboarding process.

Click here to view more How-To videos

You will need to contact TSANet to do the following:

  • Create co-branded training for your team
  • Add a New Department or Contact Document
  • Create a New Contact document for a relationship(s)
  • Create a New relationship with an existing member or New Company
  • Create a New Custom Group or modify an existing group or Microsite
  • Remove a Business Manager or Program Manager
  • Make changes to the new user self-registration process
  • Setup Routing Wizard for Contact Documents
  • Setup Partner View for Custom Groups

Improve TSANet Usage

Learn tips and best practices to improve adoption and usage. Click here to view training documents, best practices and the TSANet overview power point slides.

Expand use of TSANet

Expand use of TSANet with:

  1. Case Exchange: automate collaboration with connected systems
  2. Partner Programs: create your own ecosystem of partners
  3. Solution Support: enhance your customer’s experience with multi vendor solutions

Click here to view documents to implement Case Exchange, partner programs and solution support.