New Member Web Planned for December 2018

TSANet will release a new version of the Member Web at the end of the year.     This new version will provide the following improvements:

  1. New Technology Architecture
  2. Simplified Caller Interface
  3. Case Exchange Lite

A Webinar presenting the new Member Web will be held on Oct 24th at 10am CDT.  Click here to register for the webinar.


New Technology Architecture

An update of the technology architecture will create an API-first system.   This new architecture will improve system integration and provide more flexibility for extending Member systems.     The new caller Web Interface will be based on a new JavaScript Framework resulting in a modern responsive web experience.


Simplified Caller Interface

A redesign of the caller interface provides a streamlined experience for creating a new partner collaboration case.   The user interface is designed around the new Case Exchange Lite method for member collaboration.   The image below shows the new caller Member Web.


Case Exchange Lite

Case Exchange Lite will become the new default method for creating a collaboration request with Members.  There will be a standard Email process, in addition to native methods for logging a case directly to a Member’s ticketing system.      A default template will be provided, and Members can customize to include data necessary to create a case in their system.