New personalized member insights and actions

TSANet is now sending personalized insights and actions reports that help members maximize the benefits of TSANet membership.   These reports contain information on the member’s usage of TSANet and specific actions that can be taken to improve multi vendor support.


A 1-page report will be sent to registered users that includes 3 sections:

Usage insights:  The member will receive information on their company usage of the member web and related features.   In addition to the metrics we will share insight and actions that help users get the most from their TSANet membership.

Upcoming Webinars: Information about upcoming webinars

Topic of the month: Information on new releases and member events

Below is an example of the email users will receive.


Who will get the email?

Basic and Premium Managers will receive this email monthly

Callers and Limited members will receive this email every 3 months

If you want to receive this email you must be a registered user with a login to the Member Web.  If you do not have a login you can Request an Account