Red Hat Best Practice: How to communicate the value of TSANet to your partners and customers

Ted Williams, Support Programs Manager, Partnerships at Red Hat, has provided some best practices on how to communicate the value of TSANet.  Red Hat has been a member of TSANet and on the Board of Directors since 2005.

Communicating to Partners

How do you establish and maintain cooperative support relationships with every vendor you might encounter in your customer’s IT landscape?

Click here to view the Red Hat presentation for partners.


Communicating to Customers

You have a complex IT environment with dozens of vendors involved. You need problems solved, not finger pointing. How do you know your vendors can and will work together to support you?

Click here to view Red Hat presentation for customers.


TSANet would like to thank Ted Williams and Red Hat for sharing how they communicate TSANet to their partners and customers. If you are a TSANet member and would like to share your best practices, please contact Paul Esch