Single Sign-on now available for TSANet Connect

With the recent April 2020 TSANet Connect release, Single Sign-on is now available as a feature for all Premium Members.  Single sign-on provides many benefits to both users and system administrators.

Single Sign-on Overview

Single Sign-on is a service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access multiple applications.  The TSANet Connect application supports SAML 2.0 providing support for a wide range of Identity management systems.

The user accesses TSANet by entering their work credentials from the company login page or by selecting a tile from within their identity management system.   The TSANet Connect system supports both Single sign-on for existing users and just in time user provisioning for new users.

Example TSANet Connect Tile in Workspace One

Benefits to you

SSO brings benefits to both TSANet Administrators and Users.   Using SSO, you no longer have to set, remember and manage all your team member’s accounts for TSANet Connect.   SSO brings improved security and access control by linking TSANet Connect to your company identity management system.   Your users also benefit from not having to remember a separate login and password and immediate access to TSANet Connect.

Configuring TSANet Connect

Premium Members can request SSO setup by contacting  TSANet will activate SSO and exchange the necessary meta-data files with your IT team as part of the setup process.  The setup process is simple and would work with any identity management system that supports SAML 2.0 including Microsoft Active Directory, Workspace ONE, One Login, Ping Identity, okta and many more.  See the TSANet Connect Single Sign-on configuration guide for further information.