TSANet Connect – June 2019 Release

The second version of TSANet Connect is now live!    We are also in the process of migrating the second group of Members and usage is increasing.   This release provides improvements to all areas of the system.


Features and Improvements

Improvements to this release include:

  1. Made improvements to the format of process forms that contain custom fields
  2. Enhanced the main login page to provide the ability for users to find their company login page
  3. Made improvements to the Limited Member sign-up process
  4. Fixed an issue where the format of the text entered in the description was not maintained in the emails
  5. Added SLA initial response escalation monitoring for TSANet Staff
  6. Improved how internal notes are displayed on a process form
  7. Improved the text editor functionality for the site
  8. The site now detects non-supported browsers and alerts the user
  9. Fixed an issue where the information displayed in the browser was not refreshed
  10. Added a feature to remove all data from the customer fields after 30 days
  11. Improvements to the Limited Homepage

See the TSANet Connect page on the public site for an overview video and brochure.


Migrating Members

We are in the process of migrating Phase-2 members.   By the end of June, we expect to have over 200 Members migrated to TSANet Connect.   Phase-3 Migration will start in July.

TSANet Connect – Member Migration Update [View Recording]


More Information

A series of Blogs are available that provide further information about TSANet Connect