TSANet Connect – December 2019 Release

The fourth version of TSANet Connect is now live! We currently have over 300 Members migrated to TSANet Connect and usage is increasing. This release provides improvements to all areas of the system.

Features and Improvements

Improvements to this release include:

  1. Redesigned the company login page for Members who use the email authentication login method
  2. Made improvements to viewing users
  3. Made changes to the inline help for the View/Test Form feature
  4. Fixed an issue with the Escalation Contact within the Inbound Process form
  5. Fixed an issue with the Company Notes
  6. Fixed an issue with the Test Form feature
  7. Piloted Single Sign-on (Will be available for Members in the Spring 2020 release)

See the TSANet Connect page on the public site for an overview video and brochure.


Migrating Members

A majority of TSANet Members have already migrated to the new TSANet Connect system, and during January 2020 we will complete the migration and ramp down the legacy system. TSANet Staff will continue to work with any Member who has not yet migrated to the new TSANet Connect system.

If you have not migrated by the end of January 2020, your account will automatically be migrated. Your users can continue to access the new site with their previous member web login / password and your existing process will be migrated

TSANet Connect – Member Migration Update [View Recording]


More Information

A series of Blogs are available that provide further information about TSANet Connect