TSANet Connect December 2020 Release

The 8th version of TSANet Connect is now live!   This release provides improvements to many areas of the system.

Features and Improvements

Improvements to this release include:

1. New method to do auto-response from a Members CRM system
2. Enhance first use experience to include profile check and update
3. Enhancements to Single Sign-on
4. Add user management to Limited Members
5. Improved Limited Member sign-up process
6. Fixed report alignment issue
7. Fixed Partner group view for TSANet Admin

Improving Member Adoption

Now that all Members are migrated to TSANet Connect we are starting to work with select Members to better understand usage and how to improve.   For an update on TSANet Connect usage and future release plans register for the upcoming TSANet Connect Update on Mar 24, 2021 where we will provide an update on usage and system roadmap.

More Information

See Member Resources for further information on TSANet Connect

A series of Blogs are available that provide further information about TSANet Connect