TSANet EMEA Workshop #7

Technical Support Alliance Network celebrates and supports collaboration in IT, bringing together the world’s most ambitious technology companies under one roof to make valuable connections happen. Staged in one of Germany`s most vibrant cities, Munich, the workshop inspired bold new ambitions and ideas for future tech support collaboration. Facilitated by Rainer Zielonka (TSANet), the EMEA Focus group and members of the Board of Directors met for one and a half days and shared their vision of the future of tech support.

The agenda:

  • Fujitsu at a Glance
  • Executive Keynote: Diversity and Inclusion at Fujitsu
  • Overview Diversity at Software AG, Lenovo, HPE
  • Customer Success Impact on Support – F5 Networks
  • Consumption based Impact on Support- HPE 
  • Big Data! It Works – Fujitsu
  • Use Predictive Analytics to Drive Tech Support Excellence – Nutanix
  • TSANet Strategy update and New Member Web Demo



Key Takeaways

During the workshop the team focused on diversity in tech support, subscription and consumption services and application of new technologies. Projects such as diversity day, global digital women and reverse mentoring, were presented in detail. Afterwards there was an intense discussion about diversity and the responsibility of technology companies to stress the importance of promoting diversity in the industry.

In a world where the sales motion never ends, there is no “Post Sales”, there is only acquisition and retention.  The journey from a transactional to a consumption-based model was explained. Vendor’s efforts should focus on delivering customer success just-in-time, through sales assistance, onboarding, training and support to help the customer to drive faster time to value. Consumption based IT services are much more than a simple financial model. It’s a real solution that allows you to measure, predict, and consume IT from both inhouse and 3rd parties. Tech Support for consumption based ITaaS offerings require new customer experiences, tech and non-tech capabilities, new operating models and support processes. Use cases have been presented to show how big data, analytics and proactive support tools can help to make informed decisions, optimize actions and improve supportability.  During the workshop, TSANet`s strategy was presented and a demo of the new member web was given.

The attendee feedback for the event was very positive, particularly the actuality of the topics, the knowledge and openness of the speakers, the inspiring discussions and the hospitality from the Fujitsu team.

The next workshop is scheduled for Fall 2018. If you are interested in participating, please contact the chairman of the EMEA tech support focus group Rainer Zielonka at rainer@tsanet.org