TSANet Expands Initial Response Options For Member Collaboration Requests

The TSANet Connect March 2022 release will include new initial response options for member collaborations.   Member feedback showed that exceptions exist to the current initial response that requires the receiving member acknowledge a request with a case number and assigned engineer details.

New response options

Members now have the following options for initial response:

  1. Accept: This is the default response and is what is in place today.  The receiving member acknowledges the request by sending back a case number, assigned engineer and contact details
  2. Information Needed: This new option allows the receiving member to request any information needed to create and assign a case.  For example, a hardware vendor could request a valid serial number if an invalid one was sent.  
  3. Rejected: This new option allows a receiving member to close a request without a case.  This is only available after the receiving member has tried to gather the correct information with the information needed workflow.   Examples of rejected collaboration requests could be duplicate requests or a request to support a customer that does not have a valid support agreement

Available in the March 2022 release

These changes will be available for all Members with the March 2022 release.   A screenshot below shows how the user will first experience these new options in the initial response form.

Initial response – information needed option