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TSANet History

How TSANet Started

During 1993, several major technology leaders sought the need for a vendor neutral support alliance to help solve rising interoperability challenges technology companies were facing.   These original companies had the foresight to see where technology and support strategy was headed. We were moving into a new era, one where the customer became the focal point requiring many technology competitors to cooperate.

Looking Back - The Early Years

  • 1993:  Founding members 3Com, Apple, Banyan, Borland, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lotus, NetFrame, Novell, SCO, Standard Microsystems, SynOptics, Thomas Contrad, Tricord, QMS, Wall Data and WordPerfect start TSANet.
  • 1994: TSANet wins “Innovations in Service” award from Service News
  • 1995: Caller database migrates to World Wide Web
  • 1996: TSANet Europe Limited officially formed with 10 sponsor companies recruited: 3Com, Banyan, Hewlett-Packard, ICL, Lotus, Madge, Novell, Ollvettl, Oracle and SCO
  • 1997: TSANet reaches 100 members at year end; 31 in Europe

Looking Back -  TSANet Expands

  • 1998: First joint US/Europe board meeting held in London
  • 1999: TSANet forms the Y2K Community for multi vendor support issues
  • 2000: 30 companies form 9/11 disaster recovery group under TSANet within 24 hours after tragedy
  • 2001: Microsoft Datacenter Group becomes the first enterprise level group to be formed under TSANet with eight companies
  • 2002: The Member Web is modified to support new group and relationship models

TSANet Today - Our New Strategy

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