TSANet in Escalation Mode

Historically, TSANet staff has prided itself on serving the membership. We want to be both responsive and provide additional value to the members in the organization.  Although its rare, when members do have disputes, the TSANet staff is brought in to play an objective role and ensure members are collaborating by the rules and policies of the organization. At times, the staff also serves to assist members in updating their contacts and providing education to personnel who can utilize TSANet.

TSANet Staff involvement in Escalations

With TSANet Connect, we can now take our assistance a step further. When a support request is submitted but not responded to within the defined SLA, an escalation email is sent to the designated contact(s). Now, TSANet staff can also monitor incidents and step in to make sure requests are acknowledged.    During 2020 this involvement has allowed TSANet to refine the process and work with Members to improve their inbound process.   Below are some key findings and resulting best practices.

  1. Members not responding with the “button”:   Some Members did not complete the initial response as defined in the inbound email.   Many times they have contacted the Member, but did not do complete the initial response.   We have improved this through a series of additional training, process improvements and system enhancements.
  2. System issues: We have identified and resolved system issues such as a Members email system rejecting our inbound email.   This often happens when a Member makes a new alias and does not make it available for external emails, or they may need to whitelist connect@tsanet.org as the sender.

This activity also results in a better understanding of our Members operations and how TSANet Connect can be enhanced and integrated through best practices.