TSANet introducing new solution support framework in bid to increase channel involvement

TSANet was at ChannelCon on July 31 – August 2, 2017, to make its case why the channel should join.  Paul Esch sat down with Mark Cox at ChannelBuzz.ca to discuss how TSANet works and the benefits for the Channel.

by Mark Cox • August 11, 2017

The Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet), a non-profit organization that has been around since the 1990s, is focused on facilitating co-operation between vendors to address customer technical issues in a vendor-neutral environment.

Two years ago, TSANet opened up membership to channel partners, on the logical premise that the channel actually performs most of these inter-vendor integrations, and so could benefit from the organization’s services. Solution providers have been reluctant to join however, and the organization now believes that while they have a future in the organization, it will likely be if and when vendor members require their partners do so in order to support multi-vendor initiatives.

The TSANet has long been well supported by the IT vendor community. Between 450 and 500 vendors are members, including the major players, each of whom pays between $500 and $5000 annually for membership. In August 2015, membership was opened up to channel partners, since partners are often the players who are actually involved in trying to resolve multi-vendor interoperability issues.

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