3 Trends in Multi Vendor Technical Support for 2019

For many of the world’s leading technology companies multi vendor support is a critical part of providing world class technical support.    As we continue into 2019 what trends will we see in multi vendor support?   In this blog we take a look at the top 3 trends that are driving the future direction of multi vendor support and what TSANet is doing to support our Members.


Tools for flexible and simple support collaboration

We continue to hear from Members that the tools and methods in place to support the connection and collaboration between Vendors solving Multi Vendor issues need to improve.   The engineers resolving these types of complex problems are already working inside  their systems so they need very simple and flexible processes and systems for connecting and working with other Members.

TSANet Response:

TSANet has developed a new system called TSANet Connect designed to make it easy for Members to connect and work issues.   The system connects the Members’ Engineers so that they can work the issue directly from their own systems.  TSANet Connect is based on an API first architecture that will provide for flexible integration methods to Members systems.


Partner Ecosystems

Technology and Channel ecosystems help expand, promote and support a company’s technology and products.    Technology partner and Channel partner programs are critical to success for many companies and this trend will continue.   Members want an easy way to integrate these Partners into their support process and not rely on development channels for support related issues.

TSANet Response:

Many Members host their Technology Partner Programs on the TSANet framework.   This strategy leverages both the legal and operational framework of TSANet to quickly onboard their partners into  a consistent method for collaboration.   TSANet continues to work with members to define best practices for technology partner support and further extend the TSANet multi vendor support framework to Support Channel Partners.


Solution Support

Companies form strategic relationships when they have a product  bundled or developed with another company’s technology.    The resulting product or solution is then sold to customers who expect support for the entire solution without getting the run-around.   This expectation places more focus on multi vendor support between the companies involved.   The requirements for multi vendor support in this situation mirror product support readiness and include Training, Knowledge Management and Technical Support.   TSANet members are looking for help in setting up these strategic relationships according to best practices.


TSANet Response:

TSANet enables Members to host their Solution Support groups on a neutral  Platform.    These groups can be designed to support  unique requirements for  Members involved in the solution.   TSANet has identified two solution support models and will continue to work with members to define best practices.

  1. Multiple Customer touchpoints: In this model all vendors who are part of the solution maintain a customer interface.  Members collaborate with each other as needed to solve issues.
  2. Single Customer touchpoint: In this model a single Vendor is defined as the Primary interface for the end customer while other vendors take a technology support role for the primary Vendor.