Deborah Barnes retiring at the end of year

In what is likely marking her last attendance at a TSANet Board of Directors meeting this May, Deborah Barnes, will be retiring at the end of the year. Deborah began her career at TSANet in 1995 and where her role has shifted and changed through the years has largely been responsible for finance and administration of the support alliance.

As with any small business, an employee’s role can expand into additional areas. Deborah’s ability to take on roles in event coordination, marketing and collections has served TSANet well in her 27 year tenure. Deborah has been transitioning the finance responsibilities to Kelly Haake and will now shift her duties to part-time managing her young Grandchildren.

With approximately 30 members in 1995 to now nearly 900, there is no doubt that Deborah’s contribution to TSANet’s growth and success is reflective on her dedication, hard work and outstanding commitment to TSANet and its members.

We all wish her the best in the future.

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