TSANet Board of Directors Meeting – May 17-18, 2022

As we ease into a post covid world, the TSANet Board of Directors held its second face-to-face meeting on May 17-18, 2022. TSANet’s Not-For-Profit structure provides for a very member driven organization and the Board is representative of those members. The eleven member-elected Board is responsible for setting and approving the strategic path of TSANet. This meeting was hosted in Austin, Texas by the former Chairmen of the Board, Rene Karel. Along with his many talents on the business side, Rene is also an excellent host. He and his wife Yvonne provided a very warm yet productive environment for the Board to conduct its business.

The two-day meeting focused on TSANet’s membership structure, which has shifted over the years and has seen substantial growth with the advent of customized partner groups. Increasingly, members utilize TSANet to provide not only a support collaboration path with their partners but also the ability to on-board partners quickly and efficiently into their own ecosystem. TSANet membership has increased to nearly 900 and with this in mind, the Board wants to strategically ensure that the member model is reflective of the needs of the companies now and those who join TSANet in the future.