TSANet appoints new board member – Manoj Palakkal, Managing Director of Support at Citrix Systems

TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network), the industry’s largest vendor neutral support alliance, has appointed Manoj Palakkal, Managing Director of Support at Citrix Systems, to the TSANet Board of Directors.

“We are absolutely delighted to have Manoj join the Board of Directors,” said Dennis Smeltzer, TSANet president. “With his prior involvement in our India focus group and years of global industry experience, Manoj has the knowledge to drive the alliance not only from a strategic perspective but also with an understanding of the detailed practical aspects of the organization.”

“TSANet, with its focus on multi-vendor collaboration, enables us to solve customer issues in a seamless manner, I am excited to be part of the Board and help evangelize TSANet solutions in the industry and within Citrix,” said Manoj Palakkal.

Manoj is a Managing Director of Support at Citrix and has 25 years of Industry experience in Technical\ Customer Support, Customer Advocacy, Escalation Management, Enterprise Service Delivery, Professional Services and IT Infrastructure Support. In his current role, Manoj is responsible for the Americas tech support teams along with responsibility for the Global Premium support delivery for Citrix On-Prem and SaaS business. He has a track record of leading diverse teams in different parts of the world and has worked in organizations such has EMC, Adobe, Symantec etc in various roles. Manoj holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and PGPX from UCLA Anderson School of Business. He lives in Florida with his wife and son.

Manoj joins the existing board members: René Karel (VMware), Kenny Loo (Dell EMC), Richard Long (Actian Corporation), Scott Froehlich (Red Hat), Paul Ferralez (Cisco Systems), John Gunther (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), Joseph Campbell (IBM), Tamra King (Microsoft Corporation), John Boggs (NetApp) and Jason Longpre (Nutanix).

About TSANet

Founded in 1993, TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network) is a worldwide, multivendor alliance that offers an industry-wide forum to facilitate servicing multivendor customers while providing an infrastructure for more efficient multivendor problem solving.  Membership consists of more than five hundred software and hardware companies.  TSANet can be reached at (913) 345-9311 or at www.tsanet.org.

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